Want to ask us that niggling lil’ question that’s been pestering you? Gahead! Just type it here in the Comments and you’ll see the answer pop-up in a day or three. (We can’t solve the world’s issues, but if it’s about us and what we’re doing, we’ll answer.)

Q: Do you travel with a carnival? Were you ever carnival workers?
A: Nope, the website tag is simply a play on our last name.  Not that we have anything against carnivals or carnival workers. Rock on, happy people!

Q:  When are you going to start your full-time RVing life?
A:  We started in mid-May 2015, while securing the sale/donation/disposal of the remainder of our “house things”. Our lease on the rental house was up June 30, 2015, so that’s probably the official date.

Q: Are you both retiring? How are you funding your travels?
A: We’re both still doing the same jobs we did when living in our non-wheeled home.

Q: How do I leave a Comment on a blog post?
A: From the Main Page, click the little voice bubble to the right of the blog post title. Otherwise, click into the individual post and find the Comment box at the bottom of the post.

Q: Where do you shop for food? What are you eating?
A: This question comes from folks that know us and our “weird diet”. Our nutritional lifestyle is Ketogenic. This means high fat, moderate protein, very low carb.  No grains, no sugar. Hey, mankind has been doing it for the better part of 2 million years; who are we to mess with perfection? We prefer grass-fed proteins and organic, local veggies.  On the road, this means we buy local at farmer’s markets when we can and make do when we can’t.

4 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. Oh, a sexist aside: most women were constantly pregnant and were dead from complications of multiple pregnancies in their 30s. What longevity? Back then, it helped to be ugly. Actually it still helps to be ugly. I’m still trying to figure out the evolutionary advantage of having frequent, severe migraines. I have a hunch.

    • not true at all! and when they did die of things other than old age it was catastrophic injury, starvation or due to their environment and not cancer, polio, diabetes and all those other diseases that bad nutrition has caused (which did not exist until grain farming started).

      • I agree with mom and david. Early man died in their 30s before organ systems began to fail (before this the body could rejuvenate most major organ systems). How do you account for age spots, hunch backs, tooth decay (a lot of the early population died of tooth disease–not long ago either)? [My grandfather always said when a little old lady died in my mother’s South Dakota birthplace, “Weeeellllll, she DiD have a bad tooth” and that was the end of it.] The teeth were all infected and those infections spread throughout the body. I could go on but we’ll never agree. Your diet is close to mine but I cut down on fats. Having just lost 40 pounds by cutting fat and carbs and boosting protein and veggies, I feel quite justified. I will eat fat but I’ve lost my taste for it. Anyway the so-called cave man diet has been scientifically disproved. We have no idea what would have happened if primitive man had lived longer on that diet. We know what happens to modern man today on a typical diet. My uncle went on a cave man diet and had various repercussions; now he’s eating normally. He’s nearly 90 and still working. Same with his father. Take me on: I love this argument. I do supplement like crazy because some have medical and psychotherapeutic benefits. Your turn.

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