Another Hike, Tooth Powder and Grinding

Now there’s a combo! Hey, before I continue . . . did you all watch the video in the last post? You better go do it right now if you’ve not yet. Then come back here for this post.

Since I was out of bed early this morning, I made a batch of Man Soap. It is really not men-exclusive, but has a Black Pepper scent (very light) and filled with all sorts of excellent detox ingredients. More on that in another post, since I haven’t taken pictures of it yet.

The past couple weeks have been just work and a bit of relaxing. We hiked, enjoyed the snow (coming and going right outside our door for twenty minutes), got another gas tank put in the truck so we can haul twice the fuel. Hung out at the Venetian in Vegas. I suppose it was a full couple of weeks!
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No Flip Flop Here.

Look! New kicks!

Ok, so I’m that sad individual that gets wayyy too excited over shoes. But these shoes are special.

They’re magical.

If you owned a pair, your life would change.

These particular shoes have the power to convert an increasingly fat and sedentary jac back into trim, strong and healthy jac. Just you wait and see!

Why, wearing them for the very first time, they propelled me ‘round town at a startlingly fast walk in the hot sun for about 2.5 miles – even prompting me to pee myself a couple times when I broke into a jog. Note to self: bigger, fat boobs mean you must wear an extra sports bra while jogging until you can wear said flabby knockers back down to normal size by getting heathy again. (Women lose weight first in their faces and boobs, did you know that?)

Something To Sink My Teeth Into

Today was the day.

You know, that day when you find there’s no toilet paper in the house, or you’re missing the last ingredient in that recipe you’ve finally gotten around to making. Well, today was the Finally Out Of Toothpaste day.

When I last purchased toothpaste, I did so online, and bought it in bulk so we’ve not had to worry about running out of good ol’ Mentadent for a long time.
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