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The Carneys
Scott and Jacqueline did what most folks that are “full-timers” do; sold everything that wouldn’t fit into their RV, and left for parts largely unknown.  
Also, like a lot of full-timers their age, Scott does stuff with computers and Jacqueline is an artist, thus neither are tied to one place at one time for an income.

Left behind in the mid-west are three adult children, their significant others, and the most adorable grandson on the planet.

Arive is our Little TOW (Tenement on Wheels)
Itasca Meridian 2014 36M, 37′ long diesel. This is a one bedroom, one bath rig Two sofa beds add room for overnight guests.

Lil’ Hornet is the new Silver Hornet. Six speed manual transmission Dodge Dart Aero. Built for fuel economy. Sure is fun to drive.

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  1. I haven’t been through your health/exercise section yet but I can challenge you to a duel of knowledge any day of the week. I don’t now but I used to buy the PDR every year. And I take supplement for medical reasons. I am in the KNOW, babe! I have some physical limitations thanks to breaking a bone at every level in my body but that doesn’t stop me from training. I DON’T run. What a stupid exercise. Ruins the knees and feet and has to be the most boring exercise ever invented. Walking is a close second but at least one can stop and smell the tulips.

  2. I guess that third field asked for my website (the prompt disappeared before I could fill anything in). Haven’t had a website since the 90s and that was for research. Isn’t it odd that most people have websites? (bloggers are different). It’s sort of like having a selfie of the mind. Anyway there are too many of them and a majority are worthless. Yours isn’t–we can keep track of you. But most are ludicrous. And why would you want my website anyway? Isn’t email what counts? Imagine 2 or more websites talking to one another. We’re not quite there yet. So that info is pointless. Unless you have something to show (and I emphasize SHOW) and it’s longer than 120 characters. Anyway, I don’t have a website so I didn’t list one. There.

  3. I hope you watched the video on how to live in an RV. But apparently you’re having too much fun with the preparations and toys to pay attention to any adult concerns. Boy, I wish I were you guys!! Ramble on.

    • Not sure which video you’re referring to (we’ve watched a bazillion), but we’ve been studying and preparing to live on the road in an RV for about ten years now. And, have been ‘living on the road’ for work for longer than that.

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