Mr. Scott

As many of you may know, Scott was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year. The type of cancer was rediagnosed to be Cholangiocarcinoma around May or so.Early yesterday morning, Scott passed away after a courageous battle. Those of us who are fortunate to have known him will remember him as an infinitely loving man whose constant caring and thoughtfulness were inspiring. Most of us will never meet another person so generous and so committed to ensuring that everyone around him is, above all else, happy.

Since we’re not having a showing or funeral service, friends and family are invited to gather at Taylor and Lacy’s home to celebrate Mr. Scott’s life, as was his wish, and do what he would want for all of us- root on the Packers and enjoy each other’s company. The party in Poppy’s honor will be on December 30th, from 12P.M.-4P.M. If you’re not familiar with where the Party Mansion in Sheboygan is, please PM me and I’ll get you the address and directions. All are welcome (no Bears jerseys, heheheh).

In lieu of flowers or remembrances for the family, Mr. Scott asks that donations be made to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America where he spent a lot of the last year.

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Mr. Scott

  1. I am not exaggerating when I say that the world is a better place for having Mr Scott. His unending generosity, caring personality and seemingly endless supply of genuine concern for those around him always humbled me. I have rarely seen a man so dedicated to his wife and family and my heart is made heavy with the knowledge that we won’t be sharing the lives of our children together. Mr Scott just accepted me as a friend with no pretense and never a second of falsehood. He loved my daughter and always made her feel special. Mr Scott, I thank you for being you and for gifting me with the honor of calling you my friend. The following poem is dedicated to Mr Scott and his family.

    As I close my eyes, one last time
    I can feel all your love as you say your goodbyes
    And though there are tears and this feeling of loss
    Remember the love, it was well worth the cost
    Farewell to you all, but just for a while
    When I see you again, I’ll be wearing a smile

    God bless Clan Carney

  2. I’m saddened to hear about Scott I only knew him for a short time meeting him at a RV Resort in Florida where we played a few rounds of golf on One of Disney’s courses. RIP Scott and my prayers are with you and your family.

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