What Did She Just Say?

Hepatocellular carcinoma.

That’s what the ‘You have a mass on your liver, and you’ll want to contact an oncologist sooner than later” turned out to mean.

Mr. Scott received this news about a month ago along with a cirrhosis of the liver diagnosis. As you can imagine, life has been full of terror, doctors, tests, gallons of blood drawn, and a bazillion hospital/clinic visits since then.

Currently we’re in Goodyear, AZ, just outside of Phoenix at Destiny RV Resort. Scott has chosen the The Cancer Treatment Centers of America for treatment. The center is about four miles from us, so it works out nicely.

Last Friday Scott underwent a radiation treatment called Y90 (you can read more about it at the CTCA website if you like. Pretty nifty stuff). His treatment doctor believes that this one treatment may be all that is needed for now and that only one half of his liver was touched by the cancer. We will not have results of the treatment for about 60 days, however, so now we sit and wait. Oh, and manage the cirrhosis. Of course, these few paragraphs do little more than lay out the basic gist of the past couple months, but honestly, it’s all we feel comfortable leaving out there on the internet.

We’re looking forward to getting back up north (to family and friends) after we hear the result of the radiation treatment, assuming that the Y90 has done its job. There is a CTCA facility north of Chicago that we’ll transfer to for further care at that time. But for now, we’re hanging here in Phoenix and the 100+ degree spring/early summer. Ugg, it’s a bit warm to live in a tin can on wheels – sorry Arvie, we still love ya!

We will update here and there as info comes to light.

Hope y’all are enjoying spring (now that it’s finally come to the north) and getting ready for an awesome summer!

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What Did She Just Say?

  1. oh wow, just heard about this on the CS blog. my blog reader and my PC have had issues and I haven’t been keeping up. Praying for you guys and hoping so hard the treatment is effective!

  2. Very sorry to hear what you guys have been going through, I am sure you are in the best possible care, the waiting has its own challenges. You are not very far from cooler weather if you are up to an hour or so car ride. I am not far if you require a tour guide and need a break, I go up to Phoenix all the time.

  3. So sorry to hear about Scott’s diagnoses. Hope the treatment wil be succesful and i wish you both all the best and will be thinking of you. This is a life changer and you need all the love and hope you can get.
    Hugs from across the pond xx

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