It’s Time To Leafve

It’s fall all over. Barely 9am and it’s GORGEOUS outside! You all know me, I rarely say that. Gorgeous and outside are not words to be used together in the same sentence, unless it’s “it’s too gorgeous in here to go outside”, that’s acceptable. I may even have to put on outdoor clothes (read: something other than the sweatshirt and shorts I’ve been wearing for two weeks straight) and walk around out there a bit. Don’t worry, I won’t go far and I won’t be unsupervised.

Just a short blog post to celebrate the changing of the seasons. (leaves pic from Nebraska)

Usually we’re farrrr south by this time and only get to see color in photos that others take. But this year we chose to stay in South Dakota until the end of September and lallygag in Nebraska for another few weeks. More on our fun there in SD in a video coming soon (ish).

Friday – Nebraska

Arvie saw some pretty trees in the CampAWay RV park, Lincoln NE. We were there for a few weeks but with all the travel back and forth to WI and Chicago, we didn’t spend a lot of time in Arvie or CampAWay. It was a nice mostly wooded and gravel park. The outdoor pool was closed for the season, of course, but there was a small residential hot tub in a small out building. The park had sanded and resurfaced the hot tub with blue paint (peeling) and the room was humid and stagnant so I didn’t take advantage of the hot tub more than once – I think Mr. Scott ran up there a few times. There was a lot of freeway noise, but that rarely bothers me. The park was pleasant enough, I wouldn’t mind stopping by again if we were in the area.

Saturday – Kansas

Can’t beat Cabela’s for a quick overnight stop. They’re usually right off the expressway and have a handful of RV spots to overnight in. Not always level, but that’s A OK- we’re only there for the sleeping. And, well, it’s Cabela’s for crying out loud. “Yeah, I’m just going to run in and peek around a bit, maybe grab a snack.” Yup, Sure . . . Take the credit card. This time was a small shopping spree: Nuts, A shrit and toilet paper. Bonus points for the Target next door having a Starbux.

Sunday – Oklahoma

Mr. Scott tells me the Winstar Casino is the “largest casino”. Not sure what the qualifiers are there, but he thinks it’s the largest in the stratosphere. The place is massive. it winds around the campground on at least two sides. Last night he ran out to get some dinner to bring back and made it back about three hours later – he got lost in the casino complex and wandered around until a Canadian Mountie brought him home. Ok, that last part is made up, but you get the idea of the size of this place. It doesn’t sound very ‘camper’ of me, but this is my kind of park. It’s definitely more resort than campground, but at this point- i’m all about that. The sites can be pulled into from either direction so you can match your rig needs and your preference to the sun direction. Each site has it’s own garbage dump, and the tables are coated metal so no ucky peeling wood picnic tables. Sites are perfectly level and paved. It’s nice and quiet here with just a touch of freeway noise now and again (we are just off the freeway), and easy to get to. There’s enough greenery at each site to keep folks happy but it doesn’t interfere with getting onto or off of the site. Too bad we’re only here for a couple weeks (the casino must have a hundred restaurants) but it’ll be nice to get to Galveston at the beginning of Nov. (and then spending a week of our month there in Mexico on a cruise with our good pal’s, the Nejedlo’s)

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It’s Time To Leafve

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