I Ain’t Buffaloing Ya.

The Travel South Dakota website starts with this about the yearly roundup:

Custer State Park in the beautiful Black Hills of western South Dakota is full of lush forests, quiet and serene meadows, and majestic mountains.

This 71,000-acre state park is also home to one of the world’s largest publicly-owned bison herds, nearly 1,300 strong.

Each fall, the ground rumbles and the dust flies as cowboys, cowgirls and park crews saddle up to bring in the thundering herd. The annual roundup, held the last Friday in September, is open to the public.

If you’re interested in more info: https://www.travelsouthdakota.com/things-do/events/custer-state-park-buffalo-roundup

There had been plenty of cold nights leading up to the roundup so we knew we were going to have to dress warm since we were leaving the RV at about 5:30am. It took us about an hour (from what I can remember) to get close to Custer St. Park and then some time waiting in line to park. We all (Brenda and John Nejedlo, Scott and myself) dressed in lots of layers but found that it was a tad warmer than we expected, and even warmer by time we got to the viewing fields. I kept my grey hoodie and gloves though. I knew I’d get a chill waiting on the ground for hours until the noon roundup. There are two viewing areas for the event, with the buffalo running between the two areas.

Brenda and John (check them out at geoastrorv.com) stayed up at the top of the hill for a bit and then settled further down toward the bottom of the hill far to the left of where I’d staked a claim. Mr. Scott wandered around here and there as he’s usually want to. He did end up by me for the running of the buffalo – operating the video camera. Here’s where I toss out a big ‘sorry’ for making folks sick with the shaky, dippy, slippy and over all sea-sick camera work, hehehehe. He’ll never claim to be a camera man, and I had to do some serious zooming in on the footage in making this video or you’d have seen nothing but ants skittering here and there.

Although it didn’t come through on the camera’s audio – mostly due to the people noise (cuz who wants to listen to a roundup when we can just talk to each other like we’re at the kitchen table? grrrr), but the cracking of the cowboys’ whips sounded like gun fire. It was truly something to hear and see. The tasty dust in the air and the thundering hooves on the ground under our feet made it a feast for all senses.

After the roundup we headed into the craft fair for lunch (buffalo brisket sammies) and culture. I grabbed a couple tea bowls from local ceramic artists and a matching pendant for a ring I’d gotten earlier in Deadwood. It was an amazing day, well worth the trip to SD.

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I Ain’t Buffaloing Ya.

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