March At A Glance

Yup, still wayyyyy behind here.

Bret and Roy came to Florida for vacation in mid March. We spent a couple days at Disney, some time hanging around the RV Resort and then a few days at Treasure Island on the ocean. It was the best! The weather was perfect the whole time. I picked up a comfy pair of flip-flops and a cute t-shirt. Gotta do the touristy thing, you know. We ate at Tutto Italia in Epcot. Wonderful tiramisu, very yummy all the way around. Mr Scott ordered espresso and it came with a shot of sambuca. He decided it was pretty gross. Anise flavored. He said, “you’ve spelled that wrong.” hehehehe.

One of my favorite events in Disney this year was the Afternoon Tea at the Grand Floridian. I wanted to book it for everyone that came to see us, but it’s realllllly hard to get a reservation. The only time we were able to go was the day after Bret and Roy left. Grrrrr. Since Naomi’s wedding shower was an afternoon tea theme, I tried and tried to get us in during the days they were there in April, but no luck. Tea consisted of a personal pot of chosen tea (Jasmine Pearl for me) and tons of savory sandwiches and sweets to nibble on. Had reservations been easier to procure, I’d have gone many, many times.

Mr. Scott snapped a fun pic of the hot air balloon going up in Disney Springs. Almost looks like the balloon is pouring out the fountain over its side.

Flower and Garden time means topiaries alllll over the place.

River of Light was a nifty night time show at the Animal Kingdom. I must not have taken any photos of the show itself, but I did snag the obligatory food photos from our dinner at Tiffins. Amazing food (of course). We did a dinner show booking for this so that we’d have good seats for the show. We got seated for the show quite early in a prime area and met a couple of guys celebrating their anniversary. Since they lived somewhat local and are regulars (read: fanatics), we talked Disney for an hour or so before the show. We shared Disney secrets and gossip and had a great time – probably a bit too loudly and animatedly for the folks sitting around us, though. Ah well, that’s the Disney way!

And of course, a trip (or four) to Spice Road Table. I don’t think we ever ate here without getting the brie.

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March At A Glance

  1. Hi Jac & Mr. Scott!

    Your food pics make me hungry – I love teas (going to one today in fact) and that one looked fabulous!

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. I always enjoy reading about your travel adventures and seeing your beautiful photos. Although we can’t be with you, Aaron and I are kindred vagabonds too:) Best wishes in this next season in the south.

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