April At A Glance

Singer and Naomi, and Taylor and Lacy came to visit in April. It was an excellent opportunity to take engagement photos, and watch the four grown children act like twelve-year olds.

Well, ok, maybe it was just the boys acting twelve.

Video moment — Yep, our kids are ‘those people’ that make weird photos at Disney. I may have mentioned that Disney takes photos on some of the more exciting rides so that you can buy them to take home as souvenirs. If you’re a Disney fanatic, you know where and when the photos will be taken, and if you’re one of ‘those people’ you make funny faces and do funny things. I always wonder what the other people in the photos think of my strange brood.

Side note: I chickened out on going on Tower of Terror. More accurately, I never intended to go – I can’t help it that my children are gullible and thought I’d tag along. I think the joke is on me, though, and they knew all along that I’d not go. Now they just like teasing me that I chickened out.

Also in this little video: Flower and Garden Festival fun spots are all over the place. Here, they’ve painted, in perspective, butterflies on the concrete. When you’re walking through the park you have no idea what those weird smeared, stretched out blobs of chalk are on the ground. But, if you’re a Disney photographer, placed in exactly the right spot, at exactly the right angle, the blobs pop to life. Bingo – another Disney photo op (photos aren’t free, ya know!)

Scott and I also passed on Kali River Rapids. Last time we went, things didn’t stay too dry for the two of us. (Yes, there is a video, somewhere hidden, of us getting completely drenched while Taylor and Lacy stayed dry). I decided I’d watch this time and not have to walk around Animal Kingdom sopping wet.

We’ve seen Illuminations many times since our first family trip to Disney, but this time was a bit different. Mr. Scott rented a boat and captain so we’d have front row water seats, under a full moon. We also motored around the Boardwalk and over to Disney Studios. It was a highlight of the kids trip. There were only four boats on the water that night for Illuminations, that I recall. It was a very special night.

The butterfly tent was amazing, of course.

The Polite Pig opened just before the kids left for Wisconsin so we were able to catch lunch there. Very yummy BBQ and a pretzel the size of a turkey platter. A great addition to Disney Springs. Oh, and there’s a whisky/whiskey bar, too. Taylor had some awesome Pappy something-or-other that he enjoyed quite a bit. Wish I’d taken a photo. I’ve never seen someone’s eyes really roll alllll the way back into their skull. There was another trip to Morimoto Asia, of course!

Easter Sunday lead us to the California Grill atop the Contemporary Resort. Always a go-to restaurant when Taylor and Lacy come to town, I don’t think we did it with the kids in April, though. Too many other places to try and not a lot of time to try them. There were massive chocolate eggs on display in the hotel lobby. We didn’t even know that the California Grill had a Sunday Brunch or you can bet we would have made sure to bring everyone that came to visit. WOW. Yup you’re about to see Lobster Benedict, and the most awesome Bloody Mary bar ever. (candied. bacon.)

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April At A Glance

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