All Chained Up

In June while still in Wisconsin, we went to the Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee. I try to catch it each year. Always fun tools and beadies for jewelry making on sale at the Marketplace. This year we picked up a couple chainmail kits with the idea that I’d make a bracelet and Mr. Scott would do the same. He always wants to play along and thought that opening and closing rings would be an easy, fun task to do while watching TV or just hanging out. Well, I made my bracelet and his, too, since he never got around to it.

Then I grabbed a chainmail book and found some designs online and made a few necklaces. Chainmail is an art form where you take single rings and close them through and around other rings in a pattern until you’ve got your art piece completed.

The necklace below is kinda of a modified Byzantine chain pattern.

These are the two Byzantine chain bracelets that I made from kits from the show. Those adorable dragonflies are from my in-laws. Perfect!

Box chain pattern necklace with a pendant that Mr. Scott got for my birthday. It’s called Buffalo Turquoise – but it’s technically not turquoise since there’s no copper in it. The mines are closed now so this stuff is kinda rare.

Full Persian Six In One chain necklace. It’s pretty beefy and can be doubled over for a bracelet.

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All Chained Up

  1. I got to see these pieces in person, and they are stunning. They are extremely lightweight so they mold to the body. And now I have an entire Pinterest board for chainmail items!

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