February At A Glance

Or sometime between October and April anyway, Mr Scott got a haircut on Main St, Magic Kingdom. It was a hoot.
It was one of those, “Yup. Did that” things that rarely make a return engagement. I’m not sure how this barber has managed to work there for twenty plus years. It was one screaming child after another. This is obviously where you take your child for their first haircut. There’s a whole ceremony built around it. Ideally suited for either deaf parents or parents that care more about show than go. The shrieking kids were having none of it and the parents were snapping photos like mad. I played the dutiful mom and snapped away at my nearly-as-bald-as-a-one-year-old big boy, dabbing at my bleeding ears the whole time.

Dinner at the Garden Grill in Epcot is one of my favs. The breakfast isn’t bad either. The circular restaurant spins showing off the ride Living With The Land winding through below. Chip ’n’ Dale come by along with Mickey ’n’ Minnie and the crew. Can’t not take a pic with them, duh! You do know Chip from Dale, right? Or, at least you can tell Scott from me, eh?

Scott’s Mom and Chuck came to visit in early February. We had a blast visiting, hanging out shopping and more visiting. The guys golfed a bunch. Early bird specials at the Disney courses make it affordable and irresistible, from what I’m told. It’s not just the Animal Kingdom that has wildlife on display.

We toured the resorts on the monorail line. Snapped a photo or three along the way. Not sure if the beautiful full moon over Old Faithful at the Wilderness Lodge is from that trip or not, but it fits nicely here.

Another dinner at Sanaa with yummy deserts and lots of animals to watch. We chatted with the cute lil’ guide out on the savannah for quite awhile before dinner. It’s always fun to hear the different African guides’ impressions of the US along with all the interesting tidbits about the animals we’re watching. Many of the guides are in the US for the first time.

We stopped by the new Planet Hollywood Observatory for dinner. It was wayyyyy too loud and chaotic for us old folks. We were excited to try out the new menu – you know new restaurants always catch our eye. However, the experience wasn’t our style. It was noteworthy that we were taken to a booth just in front of the original Planet of the Apes display. Taylor is named for Captain Taylor (Charlton Heston) from that movie, so I snapped a photo or three to show him (Taylor, not Charlton). The food came to us looking all cute and tasty. Ribs on a picnic table! Adorable.

A few miles at Epcot was the order for the day and we did it in good time and spirits. And yes, I do have multiple set of ‘Mickey Ears’. Gotta have a different color for each outfit, you know!

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