Club Scrap February Blog Hop

For folks new to “blog hopping”, this is an activity where a bunch of like-minded folks get together and blog about the same subject on the same day. Then everyone else (that’s you) ‘hops’ from blog to blog to see how each author interprets the subject of the day.

In this case, the subject is Club Scrap’s February kit called Succulents.

If you’ve arrived on this post without seeing the other blog-hop posts (and you’d like to), click HERE to begin the hop from the beginning.

So, here we go . . . on with the hopping!

Photo Frame Scrapbooking Organizer

This gem holds roughly 100 photos. The front is a changeable photo frame to display a spiffy pic from the batch of photos that are held within it’s boxy goodness.

Photo organization that is decorative and functional. Why not display the fun you’ve had instead of just flipping through sealed packages of photos kept in a drawer? Genius. Tuck a highlight photo into the 1/16″ photo frame opening.

Keep a handful of these beauties on hand to highlight your fav photo from each event, and organize all your photos for upcoming crafting sessions – at the same time. Gotta love multi-tasking.

Here’s a brief description of the construction.
• Construct out of bookboard with easy glue-on covers.
• Skip the ‘box wrapping’ method of covering the box by adhering the bookboard parts to a piece of 12×12 cardstock.
• Choose an unprinted, uncoated paper for the inside of your box to ensure strong glue joints when building your box.
• When dry use a craft knife to cut away the excess paper to the edge of each bookboard piece.
• Repeat the steps to cover the unfinished sides of the bookboard pieces, trim them out and sand the edges to create a good gluing edge for the construction of the box.
• Finish the uncovered edges of your completed box with a paint marker, Sharpie, fiber, decorative tape, or paint (as I did here).

Now, before you run off to make this fun project, hop on over to Deb’s blog (click HERE) to continue the hopping.

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Club Scrap February Blog Hop

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  2. So fun to see your awesome project this month here 🙂 Of course I love your Bookboard Photo Organizer, the Succulents Paper is fabulous on it. Functional, attractive and fun to create – all my favorite qualities!

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