Santa Arrived Early In Kissimmee

Yup, this happened.

We parted with our beloved Big TOW and Silver Hornet. We now have Arvie. She’s a Little TOW hehehehe.

2014 Itasca Meridian 36M (length 37’3″)

Unfortunately, we have enough stuff to fill a 43′ toy hauler, and so we’re going to have to get rid of about 10 cubic feet of stuff. Arive is already full to the brim, and we have a rented 5×10’completely full storage shed, and a rental cargo van – also full. Not to mention the full-sized storage garage in Reedsville, and our lil’ barn at our site in Reedsville.

The RV resort here in Kissimmee is having a yard sale the first week of January, so we’re planning on unloading some stuff. What doesn’t sell will get left by the edge of the road in the middle of the night . . . not sure how we’ll get it to the edge of the road as we have no other vehicle to drive until we get back to Reedsville and our tow vehicle. (Note: the side of the road part was a joke. Please don’t flame me for ditching my junk on the homeless that hang out here by the dozens, hehehehe.)

If you’re wondering why we downsized; you’ve not heard the horror stories of our trips so far. Suffice it to say, amazing as the TOW is, it’s just too, too much for us to move comfortably around where we want to go. Or, at least, we were too uncomfortable moving it. We thought it’d get easier the more trips we took, but it just seemed to get more stressful. Thanks to our pals Brenda and John for enabling us to bring Arvie home. (They’re getting a new Class A and it got us thinking . . . hmmmmmm.)

I’ll end this by saying (now, take note folks – this doesn’t happen often) Mr Scott was correct, and I was woefully incorrect. He wanted a Class A (motor home) the entire time we were looking for RVs back in the day, and I wanted the 5th Wheel. Of course this means he’ll not be right for another dozen years or so.

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Santa Arrived Early In Kissimmee

    • heheh it’s more downsizing than upgrading. I’m finding now that i have to get rid of between a third and a half of what we had stored in the Big TOW. We’re now snug as two bugs in a rug.

  1. Can’t wait to check it out. I would have to agree with Scott. RV sounds way better. Does it have a guest room? What happened to the in law apt?

    • hehehe yep it did! however, we didn’t install it and don’t expect to unless we end up doing a lot of wild/dry camping (boondocking), or if this toilet/black tank starts to smell, then it’s outta here, and back to the box we go. now just to get used to going potty in a bowl of water again like all you ‘normal’ folks do!

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