A Month In Review

And, a cool moon shot, too. Since the night of the Super Moon was completely overcast and rainy, I had to settle for a waining shot the next day. Still and impressive sight!

Full Moon

We’ve been to Disney World almost every day since we arrived here a bit over a month ago. A week in Chicago just after we arrived put a damper on things, but while we’ve been in Kissimmee; we’ve been in Disney.


Trails End China

Taylor and Lacy came for vacation and we had all sorts of fun on the weekends and evenings with them. Halloween in the parks is always fun!

Mine Ride 2 Mine Ride 1

Taylor’s birthday was celebrated the entire time! Lots of birthday feasting and playing.

Animal Kingdom Hoop De Do

And our personal favorite. You’ll see all four of us in this if you look closely.


We can confirm (as we can each time we visit) that Disney makes you fat. I think we’ve cooked at home a total of three dinners – there’s just too much good food in the World! Some folks come to Disney for the rides – we’re here for the Food. Mostly unhealthy and totally delicious (thus the expanding waistlines and happy faces).


Other than Disney and working during the day, there’s not much to report over the past month . . . other than Singer and Naomi getting engaged, that is!! Singer promised vacation photos from Denver/Boulder and a video – but they’re still in process, so I wait impatiently.


We’ve decided we’re having too much fun to leave here in mid-January, we we’re staying the whole winter and not heading back to Wisconsin until mid-May. So, if you want to come for a visit before mid-May, just yell, we’ll love to see you and host you ‘round Disney!


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A Month In Review

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