Red Rock In Bloom

Back to Red Rock we went for one last fling with one of our favorite spots on earth. The abandoned (and vandalized down to the foundations) homestead of Mr. and Mrs. Wilson was our destination today along the shores of Pine Creek. We walked through real “midwestern” grass for the first time since we arrived in Nevada. Hanging out around the homestead was just like being in Wisconsin (if you didn’t pay attention to the mountains sitting right there, and over there . . . and just over there, too.) Poplar trees, a creek, some grass, crickets— so unlike what we’d hiked in up to this point. I stopped and took pics of all the bright pops of color while we meandered along at a photographer’s pace. Here’s a very quick video pictorial of the day.

Oh, yes, we had an awesome time on the cruise. 10 days o’ fun! That’s a much longer video, though, so it’ll be awhile before I get around to editing it. I’ll post it when I do.

Oh number two, yes, we know when we’re leaving Nevada on our way to Wisconsin. We leave here in mid-May and arrived in Reedsville on Memorial Day.