Another Hike, Tooth Powder and Grinding

Now there’s a combo! Hey, before I continue . . . did you all watch the video in the last post? You better go do it right now if you’ve not yet. Then come back here for this post.

Since I was out of bed early this morning, I made a batch of Man Soap. It is really not men-exclusive, but has a Black Pepper scent (very light) and filled with all sorts of excellent detox ingredients. More on that in another post, since I haven’t taken pictures of it yet.

The past couple weeks have been just work and a bit of relaxing. We hiked, enjoyed the snow (coming and going right outside our door for twenty minutes), got another gas tank put in the truck so we can haul twice the fuel. Hung out at the Venetian in Vegas. I suppose it was a full couple of weeks!

Pictures from another hike in Red Rock Canyon, a different trail this time. It was a really good work out. First was a mile up hill trek just to get to the beginning of the trail (about killed me). The trail itself is all uphill, as well. Of course we had no idea where we were going and just ended up cross-country hiking, going up and up. But, we like that kind of hike best, there are less people running all over. We finished at sunset and it made for some awesome lighting shots.

If you look closely at the close-up bubble, you can see the itty bitty people walking the mile back from the trailhead. You can see little tiny cars too. – That’s how far away we were from the trailhead and then another mile walk to the truck.

Time for another batch of toothpaste. This time, however, I’ve gone with a tooth powder for easy traveling.

The recipe is based on one that I found online at momypotamus.com. I did tweak it some because I wanted to add diatomaceous earth and cut down on the salty flavor that was prominent in the coconut oil recipe that I’d used previously.

I must say, this recipe is wayyyyy nifty. This stuff is awesome. Why not just buy Crest? You ask. Well, lots of reasons, but mainly, it’s not good for your body. Since we’re careful about the food we eat, the water we drink, and the soaps/lotions we put on our skin, it only makes sense to think about toothpaste since it is absorbed through mouth tissues and swallowed.

Commercial toothpaste, for the most part, contains fluoride (linked to thyroid suppression, weakness in bones, dementia), sodium lauryl sulfate (in so much of commercial stuffs, linked to gum inflammation, mouth sores- ulcers), titanium dioxide (to make it look pretty and white . . . and toxic), glycerin (makes it smooth and creamy, but coats the teeth and prevents teeth from absorbing good minerals. It’s just unnecessary.) Why put all this in your mouth for no reason whatsoever?

My jar contains:
Bentonite Clay
Diatomaceous Earth
Baking Soda
Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
Activated Coconut Charcoal
and to flavor it:
Stevia powder

Mix it all up in a glass bowl with plastic/wood/glass utensils. Avoid metal as some clays react with metal. Just sprinkle a bit on a wet toothbrush. It makes a lovely black slurry when I’m brushing my teeth. After brushing, you can leave it sit on your teeth for five minutes or so to let the charcoal do its thing for a bit longer (it’s a tooth whitener). Or, rinse right away and go on with your day. Oh, and avoid the mouthwash. That a whole other toxic topic.

I also made a face mask with many of the same ingredients, adding in some aloe powder and vitamin E oil. Still tweaking that recipe as it smells a bit . . . well, like cooked spinach buried in a marathoner’s shoe under a chicken coop. Works amazingly super-goodly, but the smell has to be dealt with before anyone else will want the recipe, hehehe.

Mr. Scott has lost a bazillion pounds and is closing in on his lowest weight ever. By the cruise (March17) he expects to be quite a bit below his lowest weight since middle-school. My weight is coming off more slowly, I’m only down ten or so lbs. We’re keeping at it, though. We’re both fully in ketosis and hitting the gym every other day to burn a few extra calories. Although we’re doing intermittent fasting (because our eating window is only 6 hrs a day) daily, I’m tossing in a couple 48 hr fasts here and there to get an extra boost and cleanse. Being in ketosis makes the fasts not even noticeable (folks in ketosis rarely notice hunger as their bodies fuel with fat, not carbs- and there’s always an excess of that stored for burning).

Pulling into a ramshackle but touristy roadside-stand store on the road to Red Rock Canyon, we soon discovered that it could empty the wallet very quickly. Tons and tons of rocks and semi-precious stones- mostly planed down just right for jewelry. They just need a bit of grinding, cutting and polishing on the lap grinder. A few lessons and Mr. Scott was on his way. The grinder does have a learning curve so he’s going to practice on one piece for a bit before he sets to work on the whole lot that we picked up that day. I’ll sketch out a handful of jewelry pieces and then use a Sharpie marker to draw where I need him to cut and polish. Before too long, we’ll have some nice jewelry pieces.

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Another Hike, Tooth Powder and Grinding

  1. My dearest Jac, I would let you make me something with the quasi-square conglomerate with the black rock in it. That is a fabulous piece. I love seeing what you are working on!

  2. Thanks for the great video! We were there too and did a boat trip.
    The pictures are awesome and I cannot wait to see what you will do with the stones! Have another great time.

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