Oh The Hike With It

Unbeknownst to us (because we’re unobservant), Mosaic Canyon is an uphill trek. Not just a wee, “I do this all the time on the treadmill” kind of incline either. It is pretty substantial. About halfway through the video you’ll get an idea of the incline on the ‘flat’ part of the canyon in a photo showing two faithful hikers trudging up the slope.

It isn’t as though it goes from pretty flat to pretty steep– it just goes from steep to, “why do I feel like I’ve been drugged”? Of course, when you’re walking it you have no clue you’re hiking an incline, there isn’t a point of reference. It all looks flat, you just can’t catch your breath as you’re moving along. You’ll see me stop to wipe my steadily running nose and bend over to grab a breath in one of the video clips, hehehe.

The sites are amazing and I do want to go back on another day and go further into the canyon. We bailed after a bit less than a mile. I’m thinking it was a bit less than a mile just eyeballing it from the satellite view. It felt like hours. When we started, we were hoofing it at a good tempo to get in a workout, not realizing we were soon going to wear ourselves out. We stopped for lunch at our established lunch time, and I could only fit in half of what I brought, I was so winded. Shortly thereafter we both started feeling the effects of eating and then immediately putting in a heavy workout, bahaha, not a good combo. Of course, I don’t have to tell you that the walk back was a trip that made us think we were silly for turning around. On the way back down, you can really see the decline – it’s the craziest thing.

I didn’t bring my big camera since the battery was whining for a charge, so we made do with the GoPro and cell phone cameras. Got some good shots though, surprisingly. Anyhoo, here’s a quick video. (High res if you go to YouTube or make the video full-screen, I think anyway.)

Wishy Washy

Want a sample? Just comment below and email me your mailing address (if I don’t have it already) to jac@carneyval.com, and I’ll send out a wee sample (first twenty requests).

This detoxification soap is a softer soap because of all the yummy additives.

Back Pepper fragrance lightly perfumes the bar but the real draw to the soap is the inclusion of clay, charcoal and other elements that draw tired and toxic oils and dirts from the skin. A mild exfoliant adds a buffing bonus.

Made with oils, lye, and water through saponification, formed using hot process.

Contains: Water, beef tallow (rendered it myself from a big ol’ chunk of fat), coconut oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil, lye, fragrance, bentonite clay, diatomaceous earth, pumice, walnut shell, coconut charcoal, vitamin E oil.

The soap lathers nicely. Use as normal, but if you want added benefit, leave soapy lather on your body and face for additional 5 minutes or longer before rinsing off. This will give the additives time to draw the toxins from your skin. Detoxing and exfoliating benefit from a nice nubbly washcloth in the shower or bath. Great for all skin types but especially for oily and normal skin, and hard working man skin.

Another Hike, Tooth Powder and Grinding

Now there’s a combo! Hey, before I continue . . . did you all watch the video in the last post? You better go do it right now if you’ve not yet. Then come back here for this post.

Since I was out of bed early this morning, I made a batch of Man Soap. It is really not men-exclusive, but has a Black Pepper scent (very light) and filled with all sorts of excellent detox ingredients. More on that in another post, since I haven’t taken pictures of it yet.

The past couple weeks have been just work and a bit of relaxing. We hiked, enjoyed the snow (coming and going right outside our door for twenty minutes), got another gas tank put in the truck so we can haul twice the fuel. Hung out at the Venetian in Vegas. I suppose it was a full couple of weeks!
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