January In Pahrump

A new year here in Pahrump (and I assume where you are, too). Nothing new around here, but that doesn’t mean what’s going on is boring! Here’s a pretty lil’ gem to start us off.

I discovered I didn’t keep any vases, so one of my tea pots will have to do for a vase. A dozen yellow roses to surprise the Mrs. That Mr. Scott, he’s a keeper, I tell ya!

56 days ’til we leave on our cruise! Wayyyy exciting. Our cabin is circled in red in this picture. Can’t wait to sit out on our balcony and watch the water show. Maybe I’ll even toss peanuts or something over the balcony and see how many folks I can bean with them.

Next week Naomi and Singer will come for a visit. We’re counting down the days! Grand Canyon Skywalk and a helicopter trip over the Hover Dam are on the schedule for them. Us old folks will just watch, hehehe. There’ll be lots of photos from their visit popping up here in a week or two.

New glasses for both of us. Yeah, ok, this is boring . . . I know I said ‘not boring’ in the first paragraph, so to make this part non-boring– I did artify my glasses. The options for specks were realllly boring at our optical outlet. The only remotely good-looking frames for me were men’s frames and a bit too stately for my taste. Thus, I painted them to make them more jac-ish.

We’ve been out hiking again. This time with my pal Elizabeth. Here we are in our younger days.

We spent the day in White Rock Canyon, hiking down to the Colorado river and on to the hot springs. Just as we were finishing up it started to sprinkle and we had some bonus thunder! All too fun, it was a perfect day.

Our trail for almost three miles. Lots of climbing to follow.

These two gentlemen were happy to enjoy the hot water in the buff. I had to wait awhile for the first guy to sit down so I wasn’t photographing his happy-bits. The other is still standing but his bits ‘n’ pieces are hidden behind the wall.

We continue to travel to Chicago once a month. January’s trip had us landing in the Windy City at about -8 degrees. Snow. Period. Ugg, it was horrid! When we landed back in Vegas it was in the 50’s. Ahhhhh home! We’re looking forward to the same in February. Not. However, we do have snow here in Pahrump . . . wayyyy high up in Pahrump. Mt. Charleston in the first photo and outside our door in the second.

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January In Pahrump

  1. Your new glasses must be giving you great vision. I don’t think I could have seen ANY bits from the distance from which you were shooting those guys! Looks like your cabin’s location on the world’s largest ship gives you some outside without being outside: best of both worlds! I don’t think I could do one of those floating city things. My claustrophobia would kick in on top of my agoraphobia! Love the flowers, Mr. Scott! You’re so sweet! If something happens to Jac, will you take me on??

  2. Love your blog!!! and will visit more often! Wow what spectacular pictures! Wishing you a wonderful adventures 2016! Greetings from The Netherlands xx Hetty

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