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A bit ago Scott and I ventured out into Red Rock Canyon. We chose the Calico Tanks trail. So did a bunch of other families and tourists. It was Saturday so the place was pretty busy. I kind of like it that way on a first trip. Lots of folks wandering around to help guide the way.

We didn’t make it all the way back to the tanks. (Very large natural tanks formed into the tops of the canyon where water gathers. Used by the natives a bazillion years ago.) But that wasn’t really our goal to begin with. We wanted a moderately difficult path where we could scramble up and down some rocks. And, we found it. Annnnnd, took a ton of the most awesome photos you’ve seen in awhile.

Googling Calico Tanks, Red Rock Canyon will get you a lot more info on the area. For now, this is just more of a pictorial of our day.

Mr. Scott’s getting the backpack all set for our hike. We’re going to hike out the trail that will pass between the first and second hills in this photo.

The beginning of the trail is what I like to call the ‘family trail’. It is clearly marked, wide and mostly flat.

After a few minutes the trail becomes more wild and you have to scramble over some smaller rocks. The trail breaks into a few different routes but all are well worn.

We hiked the trail past where the marked trail stops and it’s up to you where to go. You know you want to head ‘this way’, but how you get there is up to you. We made it up to a plateau but then I stalled as it climbed higher than the canyon walls and opened up fully to the sky. Gave me the heebie jeebies so Mr. Scott went on alone. He reported back that there just wasn’t much to see up there. We back tracked a bit and decided to just go our own way, climbing higher on our own within the canyon where there are no trails. Wayyyy up high and then higher still, so that the people on the trail below get lost as little black dots in these photos. The views out of our canyon and past the next few mountain ranges is awe inspiring.

The spectacular Red Rock Canyon

It was an amazing hike, even after it clouded over and sprinkled on us a bit at the end.

The sunset on the way home was pretty cool, too!

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Go Take A Hike

  1. Your Mom called & told us you went on a hike in Red Rock Canyon. I got your site up saw those great pics. Will keep checking on you more often. We toured Red Rock way back when —–have fun

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