Go Take A Hike

A bit ago Scott and I ventured out into Red Rock Canyon. We chose the Calico Tanks trail. So did a bunch of other families and tourists. It was Saturday so the place was pretty busy. I kind of like it that way on a first trip. Lots of folks wandering around to help guide the way.

We didn’t make it all the way back to the tanks. (Very large natural tanks formed into the tops of the canyon where water gathers. Used by the natives a bazillion years ago.) But that wasn’t really our goal to begin with. We wanted a moderately difficult path where we could scramble up and down some rocks. And, we found it. Annnnnd, took a ton of the most awesome photos you’ve seen in awhile. Continue reading

January In Pahrump

A new year here in Pahrump (and I assume where you are, too). Nothing new around here, but that doesn’t mean what’s going on is boring! Here’s a pretty lil’ gem to start us off.

I discovered I didn’t keep any vases, so one of my tea pots will have to do for a vase. A dozen yellow roses to surprise the Mrs. That Mr. Scott, he’s a keeper, I tell ya! Continue reading

Death Valley Part 1

I’m assuming there’ll be plenty of parts to our Death Valley pictorial. These are just the firsts. We only made it to Badwater Basin and the Golden Canyon (and not very deep into the Golden Canyon, at that).

Death Valley is very interesting and historic, but I’ll not go into all the cool details here. We’ll just go with a “picture story” kind of layout for this post. Continue reading