Around Town And Back Home Again

It’s been a quiet week here at our little homestead. A bit cold at night- just now our Carney Weather Station is reading 54 degrees in the sunshine on the top of our rig. Not so bad for 2pm, I suppose.

New Year’s Eve will be another quiet, normal day. Hehehe, that’s what we’re aiming for anyway. A hike in Death Valley is rescheduled for tomorrow, so a bit of gaming (You Don’t Know Jack on the PS4 and some other trivia games) and a bit of work will fill in today’s schedule. No party plans for tonight. How about you?

Did you catch the full moon on Christmas? If you didn’t, here’s a pic of what it looked like from our lil’ piece of heaven here in Pahrump. (Courtesy of my Nikon D7000 and Tamron SP 70-200MM F/2.8 DI VC USD telephoto zoom lens.) After standing out in the freezing night for about and hour and a half, Bella Luna finally came up over the mountains right into a low cloud bank. Just a few moments more of waiting got me a handful of really nice shots of the clouds drifting away to reveal the Christmas full moon. First Christmas full moon since 1977? is that right? I don’t recall the exact details.

Mr. Scott finally saw some burros to go with all the burro crossing signs that are posted up and down the roads. He snapped these quickies with his cell phone.

What’s in that cup??? Post your guesses below (it says, Shhhhh. This is not coffee.) And, remember; Drink Wisconsinbly!