Christmas Eve Rush

. . . isn’t here with us! I hope it’s not there at your house either.

Hopefully, you’re relaxing and not running through Walmart like your drawers are on fire.

We did go to Walmart earlier for some craft items needed for work, and to pick up dinner fixin’s. It wasn’t quite the madhouse that we were expecting; a nice surprise. Happy Holidays to me!

Here’s how we spent the day (instead of being in a mad rush to get ready for tomorrow, or shopping for last minute gifts).

Hiking in Ash Meadows wildlife park.
There’s a lot of salt/alkali blanketing the desert like snow in this area. I can handle this snow, hehehe. It’s not nearly as cold or hard to drive in as that Wisconsin stuff.
Not sure what tree this is but it has some fun, lil’ clear ball-like berries. Continue reading