Misc Blabberings and Photos

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy as I moon you.

This is from the night before last, I believe. It is a composite of two photos that I took. The funky blue lens flare is from my protective cover lens I’m thinking.

More miscellaneous photos.

A promised photo from the last batch of lotions ‘n’ potions. The larger tubes are solid lotion; lemon and Ed Hardy-like scents. The smaller tubes are a bee yummy lip balm. Since they are tester batches they didn’t get fancy labels.

For our 25th wedding anniversary, we decided to go on a wee cruise. It was wonderful! Very relaxing, we lazed around all three days. I always find it interesting how a “five-day cruise” is really just three days. It didn’t really qualify as a vacation, but a nice little get-away it was. We’ve already booked another more vacationy cruise for March on the Oasis of the Seas. Let the count-down begin!

While on the cruise we took a short class on sushi making.

And had dinner at a fancy steak restaurant with some awesome photo lighting.

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Misc Blabberings and Photos

  1. Too many people on those big cruise ships for me. And it’s sort of like being in Vegas on the water–I’ve done enough Vegas for this life. There would have to be an educational component of some sort. Cool that you learned to make sushi. I’ve always wanted to sail somewhere on a “small ship” for a week or two. I’m not sure what I mean by small but something much less than a floating hotel and casino. 🙂
    Still, I’m happy you had a fun anniversary!

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