Misc Blabberings and Photos

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy as I moon you.

This is from the night before last, I believe. It is a composite of two photos that I took. The funky blue lens flare is from my protective cover lens I’m thinking.

More miscellaneous photos.

A promised photo from the last batch of lotions ‘n’ potions. The larger tubes are solid lotion; lemon and Ed Hardy-like scents. The smaller tubes are a bee yummy lip balm. Since they are tester batches they didn’t get fancy labels.

For our 25th wedding anniversary, we decided to go on a wee cruise. It was wonderful! Very relaxing, we lazed around all three days. I always find it interesting how a “five-day cruise” is really just three days. It didn’t really qualify as a vacation, but a nice little get-away it was. We’ve already booked another more vacationy cruise for March on the Oasis of the Seas. Let the count-down begin!

While on the cruise we took a short class on sushi making.

And had dinner at a fancy steak restaurant with some awesome photo lighting.