Happy Halloween!

Mr. Scott dressed up like a roadrunner,
and I dressed up like a fabulous sunset.
We’re just that good.

There was a Halloween to-do here at the resort, but we didn’t attend. Between getting lots of work done and just hanging out, we’re having enough fun on our own so far.

Today (and yesterday) is the Breeder’s Cup horse race, my favorite two days of the year. I was doing good betting on my own, but then Mr. Scott jumped into the game and we ended up losing the cash I’d made, but winning in ‘fun’. (It happens the same way every year, hehehe.)

There are two batches of handmade goodies cooling down just now. Lotion bars (Lemon scent and Ed Hardy men’s scent) and Bee Yummy lip balm. I’ll post reviews and pics once they’re cool enough to use.

So, let’s see some links to your Halloween costumes!!

edited – here are pics I’ve collected so far. Taylor ‘n’ Lacy, Singer ‘n’ Naomi, Josh ‘n’ Rebecca.

Are We Out Of Paper Againnnnnn?

Ewwww. That would be a sticky situation.


However, this is more on the fun side than the “uh-oh” side.

In the middle of August, before we left Wisconsin, Gavin and Granna made some handmade paper. Neither of us had done this before, but there was no learning curve to it, so it took only minutes to knock out four handmade sheets.

We used a brown paper shopping bag that had cool graphic printed on it in black and red. Mixed with that was a regular sheet of white copy paper. A bit of water rounded out the chemical mixture (see? real complicated, hehehe). Other than the loudness of the blender, Gav loved the whole process.

I plan to make a bunch more and may even see about doing some classes locally. Handmade paper would be excellent wrap for handmade soap! Fun!

Paper making was a class this year at the Club Scrap Retreat and I couldn’t leave the Retreat store without a kit!