Top 10 “Why We Love Full-Timing” List

This is our four(ish)-month combo-list of my favs, and Mr. Scott’s favs. Rather than two Top 5s, we’ve combined them into a 10-list since we have lots of similar picks.

  • 1. Zen. That weird, meditative peace that you find when you’re finally doing what you’ve wanted to do for so long. And, it’s more fun than you imagined.
  • 2. Freedom. Go, do, get. Whenever you want, for however long you want to get, do and go.
  • 3. No anchors. You don’t notice how much “stuff” you have that you don’t need – and how much of it is really just a huge anchor, until you travel for a living quite a bit. When you go home to all that stuff, it just seems like a whole bunch of “agggg, what am I going to do with this???” (only in a much louder, discouraged voice.) Downsizing is very (very x 10) freeing.
  • 4. The view. It ain’t never borin’! It’s like watching the Travel Channel from every window.
  • 5. Fewer Monthly Maintenance Bills. No heating fuel bill or water bill. No property tax bill or garbage bill. I’m sure there are other bills associated with owning or renting a site-built home that we no longer have, but I’m happy to forget them. Some parks will bill us for electric use if we stay on a monthly basis, and we’re more than fine with that. The amount is low and can be zero if we use our solar and bypass their electric all together.
  • 6. Visiting with folks that are as into RV living as we are. Of course our family and friends look at us like we’re crazy now that we live in our RV. Well, now that I think of it, perhaps they always did??? But when you’re full-timing and doing it in a community of other ‘crazy’ people, you get to share the crazy, and everyone gets it.
  • 7. Being close. We’ve been married twenty-five years this year and we’re still not fond of being apart. There’s a phrase among full-timers, “If you can’t stand to be chained to your spouse for a week straight, then full-timing’s not for you.”
  • 8. Cleaning. I can clean the whole house in 10 minutes. It’s a hoot.
  • 9. The weather. No more snow! Or at least not too much of it. No more cleaning off the car at 5am to go to work.
  • 10. What’s next? We spend a lot of time just being excited about what comes next, it’s still all so new. And feeling very lucky to be able to do so.

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Top 10 “Why We Love Full-Timing” List

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