Lots O’ Pics – At Home In Pahrump, NV

There will be a post about our week’s adventure to get down here to Pahrump. But for now, here are some photos of our winter home.

Our back yard is very large – no idea what we’ll put back there (bocce ball?). Maybe a shade structure and a table to go with our chairs. Over our back wall is open desert and a beautiful view of the mountains. Also, amazing mountains over the Big TOW looking forward from the back yard. A rose bush and another flowering thingie decorate the area.

The lobby and diner/bowling alley. Way cool.

Amazing gym!

Separate men’s and women’s spa areas (with saunas and steam rooms) accessible through the gym.

The pool. Which is the understatement of the year. A warm pool, a cold pool, and a hot tub. Lots of shade and waterfalls.

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Lots O’ Pics – At Home In Pahrump, NV

  1. Oh, and where are the slot machines? They are required in every kind of establishment in NV. Did you remember to save up a batch of quarters?

  2. I’ll have to ask my non-topographically challenged husband which mountain range you are facing. It’s early fall and the temps are still in the 80s/90s here (North Central AZ–at a mile high). None of the leaves have turned yet but sorry to say you can expect those deciduous plants to be barren all winter. Collect cactus plants; they will thrive on little water and will still be around to greet you next fall.

    What’s the altitude in Pahrump? Are there chances of snow? If so, the storms will be mild and any snow will melt within a day or so. Trust me, you will soon become addicted to the southwestern lifestyle. Wisconsin may soon become a vague memory. LOL.

    The amenities are awesome! I’ll drive up just to use that gym!! Are you bowlers? Can you sweet talk the diner cook into making the food you eat? How did you find this place? It looks like a 5 star resort!

    Anxious to hear about the events of your big adventure on the road west. Don’t keep us in suspense too long! And congrats on not going over a cliff while negotiating passes in the Rockies! Traveling that far in the Big TOW must have been quite an experience!

    • Yep, our whole family bowls. We have our balls and shoes with us. The diner food is yummy, but sadly, not our kind of healthy- ah well, saves us some cash there.

      I’m not sure on the altitude, but it does snow here now and again. It doesn’t accumulate, though. We don’t mind the winter “cold” (around 40ish?) weather and an occasional flurry. Just getting away from the 12′ snow banks greeting us each winter in Wisconsin was the goal.

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