It’s A Hard Life

First photo – Mr. Scott’s lunch hour.

Second photo – Mr. Scott’s work project.

Third photo – Mr. Scott doing laundry (with a little help from the Mrs.)

We decided on an early swim and went up to the pool around lunch time. Even ate some very-bad-for-us food, and it was yummy! Then, Mr. Scott ran off to Walmart to pick up a canopy to give us a bit more shade in the backyard. Even though it’s 13’x13′, it looks to pretty small back there! A bit later it was time to do the laundry. I know, it looks like we’re swimming, but we’re really doing laundry. The park laundry room is in the pool area so we’re swimming and doing chores at the same time.

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It’s A Hard Life

  1. What’s the altitude where you are? This can’t last forever. Winter’s coming. Where I am that means cold, snow, rain and heavy clothes and waterproof coats–though I learned boots were a waste of money and only Prescott newbies actually wore them. It won’t be as bad as the midwest but you won’t be in that pool when winter comes a’calling. Enjoy while you can!! :))

    • Not sure on the altitude, but yep- winter is coming. From what I’ve been told, today will be the last 100+ degree day. A few days in the 80’s, maybe a 90 peeking in there, then onto the 70’s. After that winter will be here and it’ll get into the 40’s and 50’s during the day and maybe into freezing temps at night. I’m A OK with that!

  2. Just wear your clothes in the pool and you’ll do two things at once. Then change and etc. Too bad the old soap will bubble up in the pool and people will know you’re polluting…ha! The bubbling is even better if you wash your clothes in the spa!! Think of yourselves as twin agitators (oh, wait, you are anyway!).

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