Wrap It Up, I’ll Take It.

In two days we’re leaving for Nevada.

That means packing.

What all goes into getting a mostly-sedentary rig ready to move? I have no idea. Probably not a good answer to have this close to leaving.

In my mind, I see us just tossing a few loose items into the garage, pulling up steaks and buggin’ out. I’m sure this is going to turn into a much bigger ‘to-do’ than anticipated. So, let’s get started, shall we? I’ll keep a running list of what we do to get this modern-day land schooner mobile.
1. Pare down the traveling contents. Since we’re wayyyy overweight we’ve got to remove stuff that is non-essential for us to have with us on the road. I have an over-abundance of glass, ceramic and basic crafting stuff so I’ll box up the excess and store it here in Wisconsin. Restocking will happen when we return in the late spring. Mr. Scott will decide if he wants to travel with all three grills or if two or one will do. Our wardrobes will get another weeding as will the ‘essentials that aren’t too essential’ in the kitchen and living room.
2. Make sure all moving parts are well lubricated. Sticky parts break.
3. Get a new mailing address. We’ll start getting our Escapees Texas mailing address now. In the mean time, Lacy has graciously volunteered to round-up our incoming mail and send it to us now and again, wherever we may be.
4. Install tire pressure monitoring system . . . or more accurately, get help installing it.
5. Plan the route and make all the necessary nightly reservations for the trip.
6. Food. Prep a lot of food for breakfasts, lunches, snacks and whatever else.
7. Visit with friends and family for a ‘see ya in the spring’ (not good-bye) partying.

Not sure just how many items I’ve left off the list, but I’m sure there’ll be a bunch.

Got any suggestions of stuff not to forget to do?