Off To Greener Pastures

I’ve collected Breyer horse figurines for most of my life. Yes, even as an adult. I have a handful that are close to forty years old.

They’re all in a new home now, though. As I type this (in mid-August) I’m packing up and saying good-bye to all but one. My favorite, a lil’ indian pony, suffered a broken leg in the move from Michigan to Wisconsin, thus disqualifying her from the rest of the journey to the collection’s new home in Georgia.

Not sure if it was fate or not, but the lil’ pony will end up staying right here with me. Her fifty-bazillion mates (the rest of the collection) are, by now, at home in the beautiful pastures of the south.

Hopefully their new stable-hand loves them as much as I still do. They’re tough to ride, but at least there’s no stall mucking to be done!

So, what childhood collections are you saying good-bye to as an adult? Do you miss collecting your special something? Or, maybe you’re still collecting and plan to do so forever?

(Oh, and happy birthday to me today!!!)