Part Deux

Since our last post (part 2):

An amazing cot system has joined our lil’ traveling circus. Great for when folks come to visit. We started with inflatable beds, but Mr. Scott tore one open the first time he inflated it within the small space we have for such a thing. The cots are better suited for our space and our visitors. Of course we always have the loft bed, which is A OK for a single person or duo of smaller folks. But, if you’re taller, older or wider, the cots are a better option, for sure. There is a wonderful video about these cots on the Disc-O-Bed website at discobed.com Ours haven’t seen overnight use yet, but we’ve put them together (they go together super quick and easy) and have jumped around on them some. At this point, we love’m and are glad to have them standing-by. I’ll report in again after they’ve seen a night or two, and give a review from the sleepers.

After being devoured by mosquitos while watching the fireworks, I decided to find a good recipe for bug spray. I’ve gone with the formulation from mariamindbodyhealth.com and have another on the list for next time from reformationacres.com – very. cool. stuff.

  • It doesn’t leave my skin feeling all gross and sticky.
  • There aren’t any chemicals (it’s all essential oils and water).
  • It keeps the bugs at bay.
  • It smells nice, not all “put some perfume in there so they don’t notice the toxic chemicals.”

Your skin is the largest organ in your body so best not to put bad stuff on it if you can avoid it.

We’ve picked a date to start our trip south- or as most of y’all are saying, west. I figure anything south of the snow-belt is ‘south’, whether we’re heading the easterly route (Florida and the like) or west (Arizona and such). This year we’re heading to the southwest. On September 19th, we’re going to head out toward Pahrump, NV, the first destination of our winter voyage. After talking with Joe Coleman at the Club Scrap Retreat, Mr. Scott has planned our route to go past Denver. Joe is a semi-truck driver and since they live in the Denver area, he’s very familiar with all the best passages for big rigs in those western and southwestern states. Hopefully, we can meet up with Marcia and Joe for a day or so on our way to Pahrump. We’re both excited to get going. Lots to get crammed into the several weeks before take off, though.

I’ve scheduled a few other blog posts so it won’t be so long before you hear from us again.

Ok, rest is over – back to racing with the rodents!

Breathe That Derriere.

So it’s been a butt busy ‘round here lately. But(t) just now we’re taking a breather for a day or so to catch our breath before getting back into the race of rats. And, with all the farms around us, the scent of said air between dusk and dawn (when the well-fertilized ground is warmer than the air) is awe inspiring . . . not always a good thing. Still better than the city air of a downtown, though.

There hasn’t been much going on around the Big TOW other than work for both of us these past few weeks. We’ve enjoyed watching all of Downton Abby on Amazon Prime in the evenings when we just couldn’t work another minute, and have squeezed in a dinner with friends.

Even though it’s been all work and no play, for the most part, there is still a bit of news to pass on. I’ll break the info into a couple blog posts so each won’t be too laborious to read.

Since our last post (part 1): Continue reading