Breathe That Derriere.

So it’s been a butt busy ‘round here lately. But(t) just now we’re taking a breather for a day or so to catch our breath before getting back into the race of rats. And, with all the farms around us, the scent of said air between dusk and dawn (when the well-fertilized ground is warmer than the air) is awe inspiring . . . not always a good thing. Still better than the city air of a downtown, though.

There hasn’t been much going on around the Big TOW other than work for both of us these past few weeks. We’ve enjoyed watching all of Downton Abby on Amazon Prime in the evenings when we just couldn’t work another minute, and have squeezed in a dinner with friends.

Even though it’s been all work and no play, for the most part, there is still a bit of news to pass on. I’ll break the info into a couple blog posts so each won’t be too laborious to read.

Since our last post (part 1): Continue reading