Time To Shed Some Pounds

Rainbow’s End campground hosts the 4th of July fireworks for the town of Reedsville, and parked where we are, our back deck was a front row seat for the spectacular. Although we’re not fans of fireworks, it was pretty cool to have our own personal show. Reedsville fire department is always on hand with two engines just to make sure all stays safe. You can see the engines and the boxes of fireworks on the field next to our rig. This video clip is of just the finale; the whole show was long enough for me to be glad when it ended, hehehe.

With the estate sale, rental house, family moving activities (Jess and Gavin, and Singer and Naomi moved to new houses, while we moved into the Big TOW), and Strawberry Festival done and gone, it’s time for work, work, work, and more work. It is nice to be able to concentrate on just one thing for awhile, and enjoy a neon pink sunset now and again.

We took a break (kind of) from working ‘round the clock to visit with mom and the kids for a couple days. Mom had dinner with Singer, Naomi, Jess, Mr. Scott and me on Tuesday. On Wednesday, it was Lacy and Taylor’s turn to join the three of us. Mom had to make sure to snap some photos of our new home before she went back across the pond to Michigan on Thursday.

Chippie and birds keep Mr. Scott occupied when he’s not working or obsessing about what’s going to happen next on Downton Abby. We’re not quite ‘birders’ yet, but we do like to watch the local chirpers settling turf wars over the feeders. Between watching the golfers and the wildlife, our back deck is the place to be!

Today is Sunday, so we’re in Chicago for work. Our home away from home is Hyatt Place near Schaumburg. It’s not so bad . . . There’s a bathtub! Yay, me! Ikea is just around the corner and for some reason, I can’t seem to get out of this state without picking something up from that blue behemoth. Am I the only one? Does this happen to everyone? Do they put something in the air in that store to get you to buy, buy, buy, and come back for more? Hmmmmm . . . I’ll have to ponder that as I’m filling my cart on the next visit. Anyhoo, snapped this pic of some “popcorn” clouds a few visits ago. Weird ‘lil things!

Our little lot here at the campground is all ours to do with as we wish. Anything permanent, like a wood deck, will be waiting for us next year when we come back north again. And to this I say, “Bingo”! Now we know what to do with all the stuff that won’t travel with us in the Big TOW, which we don’t want to discard. A cute lil’ shed from Menards is just the ticket. We’ll be able to off load some extra weight. That way, we’re under the traveling weight allowance for the rig/truck when we head south in the fall.

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Time To Shed Some Pounds

  1. Ever think of upsizing the Big TOW sometime in the future? It’s big but not THAT big. Someday you might want more space…maybe?.. especially because you have your own “camp site” to come back to.

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