Two By Two

Well, it’s raining again. Since we’ve arrived here at Rainbow’s End, it’s either rained or been a wee bit cold almost every day. I’d say I could count the sunny, warm days on one finger. One of the RVers close to us is outfitting his rig to be an ark.

So in celebration, I thought I’d pair up some photos and we’d go two by two with some miscellaneous pics.

In the previous gaggle of pictures, I’d missed the detail of the spice racks inside the kitchen’s faux stone wall. It looks a bit disorganized, but it’s got a whole jac-disorganized deal going and I know right where everything is. It all makes sense to me.

Since it’s been a bit chilly in the mornings, we turn on the electric fireplace to warm things up. It’s not the most realistic looking inferno, but it’s fun and toasty. My white china made the move to the new house with us. We’re not ‘camping’, we’re ‘living’ so I figured I wasn’t going with plastic dishes. Why not take the china? I do have some adorable plastic plates that look just like paper plates, they’re a hoot! (Bed, Bath ’n’ Beyond, if you want some of your own). All of our dinnerware fits nicely in this drawer (other than the plates; they’re in the plate rack).

The long, overly large and cumbersome RV tables that came with the rig are just not practical for daily use. You can’t get into or out of the seats with the tables in use – so, I made these round tables from bamboo cutting boards. Perfect. Lest you think I had to downsize my baking/kitchen supplies, hehehe, this is one of three big utensil drawers.

It’s not Thursday; but here’s a Throwback Thursday, anyway. Totes that we’re filled and stacked away 10 years ago have now been emptied and the contents dealt with- either sale, move or trash. All of the framed photos from the Michigan house we’re dissected and the photos will be scanned. These hung for years in the hallway. Looks like the most recent is about 16 or 17 years old.

I tweaked my back somethin’ awful on the 1st while helping Singer and Naomi move into their new super-cool place. It’s only gotten worse as I’ve continued to torture it schlepping totes here and there to get ready for our estate sale. But, it’s all worth it. The totes are now nekked shells in a stack and we’re 85% ready for the sale. Tomorrow and Thursday we’ll do the last bit of it, and leave the place for the last time. This is the working plan, at least. We don’t have beds left or anything like that at the rental house, so we’re “full-timers” already, but we are still officially renting the house til June 30th.

Yesterday’s rain broke in the afternoon, just in time for us to enjoy some sun, wine, tea and birdies (a lil’ too wet for golfers) after returning from slaving over totes and dumpster in a wet Sheboygan.

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Two By Two

  1. That’s too bad about the weather. Since we have been in Maine, the weather has been amazing. Mostly low 80’s, upper 70’s and sunny. It’s beautiful out here on the east coast! Hopefully some better weather will be heading your way soon!

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