With work raising to knee-deep for both of us, and a bazillion non-work tasks floating along on the current- I’ve not gotten a blog post out with all the pictures I’ve snapped. So here is the bounty (with a very brief footnote to each, and even briefer editing, sorry).

The estate sale starts today at the Sheboygan rental house. The company called me this morning to ask a question on one of the items and mentioned the crowd was lined up around the corner. Weee! Hopefully, everything will sell and they won’t have to dispose of too, too much.

Most days start with eggs ’n’ bacon. A couple days ago, we did pancakes and eggs. Of course the pancakes are grain free and the syrup is sugarless. My good friends, water, tea and Bulletproof Coffee sit on my table with my nook. They watch me work on my laptop and help out when I get thirsty or need a wee break.

Sometimes, I have to set the laptop aside and create the artwork the old fashioned way. I’ve got a great view out the window, though, so I don’t mind getting off the sofa to do so.

Father’s Day brought all the kids out to Reedsville for some brats ’n’ chicken, dips ’n’ drinks. Of course the Green and Gold were flying high. (Jess and Jacob came along after the photo was taken, so they’re not pictured.)

For the most part our lil’ park is quiet. Seasonal rigs line the outside rim of the park reserving the inside of the park for daily renters. Even most of the seasonal folks aren’t here during the week. Very few of us are here all the time, maybe 3 or 4 rigs of folks. So, on Father’s Day weekend when the park filled to capacity, things we hoppin’! Here are some fun before and after photos.

Out for a walk. I’m starting to think that we’re the only folks here that know how to walk. People take golf carts everywhere they go. I joke with Mr. Scott that I can make it from one end of the park to the other on foot in under two minutes – the place just isn’t that big. I’ve not yet been able to figure out the need for motorized transportation. Even the limited flight golf course doesn’t seem to require a cart. Ah well, better for my health if I never figure out that particular need.

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      • Rah! I’m a football idiot, myself. Sometimes I watch some college ball if the Trojans and/or Bruins are involved. And I’ve been watching the parade longer than Stephanie Edwards, I think.

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