With work raising to knee-deep for both of us, and a bazillion non-work tasks floating along on the current- I’ve not gotten a blog post out with all the pictures I’ve snapped. So here is the bounty (with a very brief footnote to each, and even briefer editing, sorry).

The estate sale starts today at the Sheboygan rental house. The company called me this morning to ask a question on one of the items and mentioned the crowd was lined up around the corner. Weee! Hopefully, everything will sell and they won’t have to dispose of too, too much.
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Two By Two

Well, it’s raining again. Since we’ve arrived here at Rainbow’s End, it’s either rained or been a wee bit cold almost every day. I’d say I could count the sunny, warm days on one finger. One of the RVers close to us is outfitting his rig to be an ark.

So in celebration, I thought I’d pair up some photos and we’d go two by two with some miscellaneous pics. Continue reading