Paging Donner Party Of Ten … Err, Nine.

This picture made me giggle.

Not sure how this wee tulip got separated from the rest of his family, but he appears to have gotten left behind. The rest of the party has made it over the snowy pass to camp out in front of the house. This lone beauty insists on coming up each year in the middle of the lawn.

It has been a busy week. Between work and trying to get as much stuff as we can moved into the Big TOW before the move on Sunday, it’s been tough to catch a breath. There should be photos of a (mostly) fully stocked Big TOW coming along in a day or three.

Jess’s graduation dinner from Lakeshore Culinary Institute was this week.

Jess is on the far right. She and the other graduates made display cakes to celebrate. Jess loves owlies and limeish green. Gavin’s favorite color is orange, the combo is shown on her cake. We enjoyed a nifty buffet put on by the non-graduating students, and listened to some words of wisdom by the teachers. It was a good celebration for Jess who then carried it over to her birthday the next day.

Here’s the long awaited video of us turning circles on our trikes in the driveway. I know, you’ve been on pins ’n’ needles for months waiting for this video! (Insert sarcastic rolley-eyes here.)

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Paging Donner Party Of Ten … Err, Nine.

  1. Can’t wait to see he big tow in action! Congratulations to Jess for all her hard work is paying off!! Looks like you guys will be having fun scooting around on your new bikes too!!

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