Meet The TOW, A Video Epic

Or maybe just a fun lil’ video peek at the delivery of the TOW.

Now, don’t be expecting too much here, folks. These here are my very novice editing skills, naked to the world. And, it was so cold the two days that we shot this that I’m surprised the GoPro didn’t just book a flight for Florida and poop out.

Anyway, it’s good for a smile.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Rainbow’s End, to be more specific.

This is the summer home for the Big TOW. See that empty spot just to the right of the blue pond in the middle of the photo? That’s our lil’ piece of paradise. I’ve stolen this photo off of Norm’s webpage; I hope he doesn’t mind.

Norm and his wife, Marlene opened Rainbow’s End in 1995 in the small town of Reedsville, WI. The town is small-small, not just small, nothing like a Walmart, Kohl’s or IHOP here (that I’ve found so far). Going out to eat will be quite a bit different than it is here on the lakeshore, unless we want to travel into Manitowoc or Appleton, both thirty miles away. We’ve found only one restaurant that wasn’t in a gas station or a side-note in a bar. The single restaurant supposed to be pretty good, but wasn’t open the day we went up to meet with Norm and secure our place in the park.

Reedsville downtown is only a short distance from the campground, so our trikes will get a lot of play time. We’ll just be riding the streets, though, no bike trails have been found in town yet. I have a few different guides and apps on local trails, so we’ll not be short of adventure- we just may not be able to get to it without first loading the trikes into the Silver Hornet and going for a short drive.

I’ll only be a half-hour from the Club Scrap office, so I’ll be popping in there more often! Suppose I should warn the gals, heheheh.

We’re unsure what exact date we’ll be leaving Rainbow’s End for our fall move-along to Nevada. Originally, I picked the week around Lacy’s birthday in mid-October (the week after I attend the Club Scrap Retreat here in Wisconsin). However, in talking with the folks there at the Nevada Treasure park, it seems the site we want may be gone for the season by then – the handful of prime spots are first-come-first-served kind of deals. We have a guaranteed spot in the park, it just may not be the one we want. Their suggestion is to get there by the end of September and have the pick of the sites. Thus, our plans aren’t quite gelled for the fall. We’re still thinking on it. I can always fly back to Wisconsin for Retreat if we end up in Nevada earlier.