On The Spot

We’ve been at Rainbow’s End for ten days now.
It only took Mr. Scott a few tries to get the Big TOW all backed into it’s summer spot. Of course, Carlo walked him through the whole process, and made it all go smoothly. You can see a small piece of the pond just over the front of the truck in this photo. The Big TOW is backed up right to the edge of a small marsh-like area filled with noisy, and very appreciated, birdies.

Photos and a video will follow in a handful of days when I get time to toss them all together. So far, we’re about 99% moved into the new home. June 30th is our last day in the rental house, although we’re not spending much time there now. A day a week while Mr. Scott is in Chicago, is about all we see of Sheboygan these days.

For all of you fans (read: skeptics) of The Box, I have to say I’m very impressed. Installation was a breeze. I suppose all the studying and the videos Mr. Scott watched were key in helping him construct a dry run of the installation, and then the final completion of the job. We’ve used it now for these last nine days, and it’s everything that was promised. We’ve had a few mishaps- all novice mistakes, I’m sure. Today I emptied and refilled the composting tank, and it was easy and smell-free! Mr. Scott’s checking into methods to permanently plumb the front of The Box into the black tank so we don’t have to hand-empty the No.1 tank each day. It’s not a big or disgusting chore, but with the amount of water we drink, it is a daily chore.

The solar panels got their first polish today, as well. After a bit of convincing (no wine involved), Mr. Scott hopped right up on top of the Big TOW and did the deed.

As mentioned, more details of the last ten days will follow with photos or a video (whichever I have time for), in a few days.