It’s Only A Paper Moon

So, you want to RV full-time, eh? Well, getonin (put your best Kentucky drawl on that one, folks) that camper you’ve got in the back yard and get to it!

Oh, before you go, there may be just a few, wee things you’ll want to have on hand as preparation . . .

So far we’ve accumulated about 30lbs of paperwork, and we’re not quite on the road full-time yet. The Big TOW came with about 15lbs of manuals. All of which need to be, at the very least, lightly reviewed before we really dig into the unit.

Then, there’re the various campground and RV organization memberships paperwork mumbo jumbo, and all of their cards and brochures, and badges and stickers, and on and on and on.

Let’s not forget the owner’s manuals and user’s directions for every gadget and internetwhozit that we added to help us live in the TOW as full-timers.

The list is seemingly endless.

Amazon came to the rescue again, and I went back to school . . . kind of. All of our important everything now lives in a 3-ring student binder (the special 4” monster variety), and a variety of pouches and bags that go with said binder. You want to know about insurance? Lemme seeeee, that’s in this pink section right here. Are you talking RV, truck, health, liability, personal property or business insurance? ‘Cuz I’ve got it all- right at my fingertips. (Living in an RV has its own insurance rules, did you know that?.)

I assume before we really get rolling full-time, I’ll have added another 30lbs of very-important-must-have-don’t-loose paperwork to this already weighty stack.

There’s a lot to know, or learn if you don’t already know it. . . when your house moves.

So, you want to RV full-time, eh? No? That’s A OK!! Vacation/weekend RVing is the next, best thing!! And, we hope to see ya out there!