Hit The Road, Jack

Well, not me, but Mr. Scott.

The Big TOW hit the road with Carlo and Mr. Scott-in-training. Carlo is a friend that we know through our daughter-in-law, Lacy. He has lots of semi-trailer experience, and was happy to give a few lessons to Mr. Scott. The guys went out yesterday morning and spent some of the day driving around town. Lots of left turns and right turns in traffic. They got in some highway time, and some practice time in a large empty parking lot, too.

Backing into a particular spot will take a lot of practice, and with our size, it may not be possible to back into a lot of campsites. There just isn’t a whole lot of maneuvering room in most campgrounds. I’m A OK with sticking to pull-throughs, hehehe. Or, better yet – dry camping in the desert.

Today the TOW went to the dealership to get the solar panels and all the solar rigging installed. It’ll be back to us by Friday, and then we’ll spend a week loading all of our goodies into it. Then, it’s out to its summer home by the 17th of this month.

Sometime this week we’ll have to build my crafting desk. This will go out to the TOW this weekend so I can stow all of my craft bins around it, and start the move-in process in ernest. While I’m moving stuff into the TOW, Mr. Scott will finish the toilet installation.