Something To Sink My Teeth Into

Today was the day.

You know, that day when you find there’s no toilet paper in the house, or you’re missing the last ingredient in that recipe you’ve finally gotten around to making. Well, today was the Finally Out Of Toothpaste day.

When I last purchased toothpaste, I did so online, and bought it in bulk so we’ve not had to worry about running out of good ol’ Mentadent for a long time.

Since we have a ketogenic nutritional lifestyle, and try to limit the chemicals we ingest, I’ve decided now is a good time to make my own toothpaste. There are sooooo many bad things in commercial toothpaste that making my own just makes sense. And you never run out, since it only has a few ingredients that are always on hand.

I didn’t get too fancy this time. Next time, I’ll make a remineralized power paste, which requires getting my hands on more specific ingredients. For now, a wee bit of coconut oil, some baking soda, stevia glycerite, and peppermint flavoring will do the trick. As with most of my recipies, I’ve just winged it on the measurements. Kitchen alchemy is just an expression of art, right? Who needs to measure stuff?

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