Roadrunner and Wile E Coyote

Beep, beep!!

Our trikes are back from the bike shop, and GREAT HOOGLY MOOGLIES are they fun!?! Did I spell mooglies correct? Two or more, plural . . . drop the y and add ies, right? hehehe.

We dropped the Silver Hornet off at Camping World today to have the hitch installed, and so, didn’t have it available to pick up the trikes. We decided that we’d just drive to the bike shop in the car and ride the trikes home. Then, Mr. Scott would walk back down to the bike shop and drive the car home. Why we didn’t just both walk down to the bike shop to begin with, I’l never know. Our brains are so deep in work that we’re a jumble when it comes to getting everything right the first time.

The trikes ride like a dream. Because there are only eight gears, it is a tough go on an uphill. Massive, strong thigh muscles will be showing by summer, for sure. I do tend to slide forward on the slippery seat – being “bottom heavy” myself ’n’ all. I bet if I grab some of that spongy, cupboard shelf-liner stuff to sit on it’ll keep my can in the seat.

Mr. Scott had first blood drawn on the trikes. He’d forgotten that you can’t take your feet off the pedals until the trike is stopped. Dragging your feet on the ground while the pedal is spinning and ripping up your calf is actually in the manual under “what not to do.”

We’ve added saddle bags (on my trike), water bottles, LED blinking lights – all sorts of stuff. New helmets, of course. (I didn’t have my helmet on for the photos and video of us riding in the driveway, but when I leave the yard, it’s on my head.)

I took a wee bit of video footage of us tooling around in the driveway – but I have no clue how to edit it and get it posted. Hopefully Singer (our youngest) will walk me through Premier Pro, the Adobe film editing software, for future videos.

Tomorrow we go to get the Silver Bullet with a brand-new, pretty hitch. In a week or so, the local RV dealership will come and get the Big TOW and take it back to their shop and install the entire solar system for us so that Mr. Scott doesn’t have to get up on the TOW’s roof without a clue of what he’s doing.

All of the equipment has arrived for the cell phone/internet. Also, the waterline filtration equipment and the auto-former for conditioning the electric. I think we’re about loaded for bear!

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Roadrunner and Wile E Coyote

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