Tricyclisaurus x 2

Guess what I did today? Other than not do as much work as I should have (don’t tell my boss).

I bought two bikes (trikes)! A pair of Trident Trikes was always on the “when the house sells” list, along with the new truck, and we were lucky enough to net enough cash to take care of the trikes and the truck. Yay!!

Lest you picture in your head a grannie tricycle with a basket on the front, and a wee, grey-haired sourpuss peddling for all she’s worth, I’ll set you straight just now. These trikes are recumbent cycles with two wheels in the front and one in the back and joysticks instead of handlebars for steering. Just now there’s a manufacturers’ photo on our About Us page. When the trikes arrive, I’ll update that photo to show our very own wheels.

We’ve been looking at this model for a couple years now and are way excited to get them and start tooling ’round town.

In the mean time, I’ll get back to that work I should have been doing today.

The Silver Hornet

Here’s the truck. Ford F450 2008. Good mileage.

These things are hard to come by. The first truck we found had a deal signed on it before we could get it out of the lot for a test drive. (Same for another we called on.) We’d only driven a bit over an hour to get to the dealership so that wasn’t too, too bad. The next was 2.5 hours or so away and was way too expensive for what was offered – and it just didn’t feel right.

Third time’s the charm. truck
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