Hitchin’ To Go

Our second foray into the urban wilds with our trikes was all sorts of fun.

And, kind of expensive.

Mr. Scott lost his phone somewhere along the way. He didn’t recall bringing it on the trek, and didn’t feel it in his pocket. Later, when we got home and realized he must have had it along for the ride, he traced it through Google and figured out where it fell from his pocket. When he went back down to that area, the phone was nowhere to be found. He believes it reported in that area until the battery died (or the phone got crushed), so he doesn’t think anyone found it and ran off with it. Since we were riding in the street (and not on the bike path) in that area, more than likely the phone was destroyed by street traffic.

He’ll wait thirty days for the insurance to kick in, and replace it at that time. Until then, he’s using another phone, and having calls forwarded.

So, on the first trip out he gashed his leg, and on the second trip he lost his phone. I wonder if he’s taking that whole Wile E Coyote thing a bit too seriously? It’s like he has a giant cartoon ACME anvil hanging just above his head each time we head out.

In other news; after our trike ride we went into Camping World and picked up the Silver Hornet. The new truck hitch is all ready to pull the Big TOW up to its summer home in Reedsville. It won’t be long now!