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Well, grab 72 hours and a handful of sore muscles- stir together, and whammy – we’re homeless.

The short version . . .

We closed on our home sale today and brought back from Michigan all of the totes and miscellaneous furniture from the house. Now, we’re able to get the truck to pull the Big TOW! Somewhere down the line we have to sell all of the goodies we brought back from Michigan. Also, we have a household of furniture and effects here in Wisconsin to sell. At this point the idea is to have a local estate sale company that also deals with downsizing come and assess the mess. All of that is for another day.

So tonight we’re watching a bit of TV and not moving very much at all. I have black ’n’ blue marks on my palms – that’s how bruised up we are from packing up totes and furniture into the truck. It was a lot of work, about 55 over-weight totes brought up from a basement (and miscellaneous furniture pieces),- we’re a little too old for such things! A TV the size of a Volkswagen from about 20 years ago was what about killed me. A queen-sized box spring (usually not heavy) that must have a hippo living in it was the straw that broke mr scott’s back. We got it all done in about 5 hours using super-insane mode, then headed off to a hotel to enjoy a Jacuzzi room.

The longer version . . .

A week ago today we picked up our Trailblazer from the repair shop with a new transmission (it’s third). This Tuesday past (three days later) mr scott had to go into the office to review things with the new guy, so he hopped into the truck and headed to work. The new transmission died on the way. That same morning, around the time that mr scott was on the phone with AAA getting a tow-truck, and arranging for yet another rental car, I get an email that the house closing is scheduled for Friday, three days hence.

So now, we’ve got to arrange for another transmission and figure out how we’re going to get from Sheboygan to Greenville and back again with all of our goods with no one to help us.

On Wednesday we drove from Sheboygan to Greenville, arriving at 1am. We spend the night in our house there. Mr scott had packed the blow-up bed only to discover that it is a single and not the double. Mr scott takes the inflatable and I take the staging sofa left in the living room.

Thursday we’re up at the bum-crack of dawn and head into Grand Rapids to pick up a huge moving truck. Next, the drive from the truck rental stop to the airport to drop off the rental car. Since the car rental place is at the airport, they do not allow moving trucks in the rental lot (security reasons). So we had to park the truck in an out-lot while returning the rental car. Now the out-lot isn’t sized to allow a very large truck to pull in, so getting in and out of the lot was a bit dicey. Once that task was complete we headed up to Greenville in the moving truck. Arriving at about noon, we rationalize that we have five hours to get this all done. Ugg.

Friday was closing day. The phone rang at 11:20 with our realtor saying, “where are ya?” To which I replied, “oh, we’re about a mile from you at a hotel, we’ll be there at noon as arranged.” Only to have him say, “Ummm, your closing was at 11.” Of course it was. The email we received from the closing office did say 11am, but the email that came later from the realtor himself said noon. We arrived at the closing office at about 11:30 so all was good. Our proceeds from the sale won’t be deposited into our account for a few days because our loan is a government loan and the feds have not gotten an actual pay-off quote to the title office yet. “We’ll fax it today.” is the daily answer when contacting the Rural Housing Department.

It’s been a heck of a week.

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