On The Lamb

As a final note to the whole story of The Closing of the House, we have this:

After the boys unloaded the truck (only took them an hour and a half; they’re young), mr scott returned the truck to the local rental location. This is the location that we go to quite often. We rent a car whenever we travel out of state so it saves wear ‘n’ tear on our own vehicles. Obviously this isn’t working for us since our own vehicle seems to be in the shop a lot whether we drive it out of state or not! Anyhoooo, the idea here is that the gals that work at this location are quite familiar with mr scott. The daughter, of the mom/daughter combo that work there, looked for quite awhile for the rental info of the truck so mr scott could trade it in on a car rental. She couldn’t find a rental under his name, couldn’t find a rental out of the Grand Rapids location, couldn’t find a rental for his preferred customer number . . . nothing.

Then, finally in searching the VIN for the truck, she did find a mention of it.

This vehicle is reported stolen.

Of course it is, why wouldn’t it be? heheheh.

Good thing mr scott has a good working relationship with the the rental location or he’d have found himself in the back seat of a police car. He did have the truck rental agreement with him and all the correct legal paperwork so it was nothing more than a humorous side-note. He turned in the truck and got a car that we’ll keep until we get our Trailblazer back from the shop with yet another transmission in place. Or, perhaps, until we get the new truck to pull the TOW.