Signing, signing.

Tomorrow, February 10th, we’ll sign at the bank for our new Tenement on Wheels (aptly named; ToW for short), and – in a separate transaction, we’ll sign the new listing putting the house up for sale again. It’ll be a fun morning!

Saturday, Feburary 14th, will be the day we complete the purchase of our ToW at the dealership and do our walk-through. ToW will come to live near us around the 18th or 19th when we have it brought from Chicago to a storage lot in Sheboygan for the rest of winter. We plan to spend the remaining cold weather getting the Tenement ready for full-time sailing. On the agenda is a boatload of solar power, a composting toilet, a smaller bed, renovation of the garage into a craft studio, a wine cabinet, different bathroom sink/faucet, etc, etc, etc. You know how it is, the list never ends. The solar system and the toilet will arrive before the ToW but neither are first on the list of things to install. Warmer weather is a must-have for both, I’d say.

So, sweet dreams for us tonight, I think. This has been a long, long, long time in the planning phase.

And, so it begins . . .