Getting Closer

Ok, so the house didn’t sell during the first listing. Plenty of offers came in, but none made it to the finish line.
We got a little tired of waiting, though, and have moved ahead toward the purchase of the rig. Now to locate a tow vehicle.

Vengeance Touring Edition 2015 39r12

That’s the short of it . . . the slightly longer story- We’re having improvements done to the house in Michigan so that the next offer will net a completed sale at a price we’re comfortable with. It should be back on the market within the next couple weeks. Do we hold off until the closing of the house before buying a tow vehicle? Who knows! I’m sure that detail will work itself out shortly.

After that mystery is solved. we’ll arrive at the daunting task of getting rid of everything (from two houses) that isn’t coming with us when we move into the rig. But for now, we’ll concentrate on getting the rig from Chicago to Sheboygan . . . and go from there.