Country Style Ribs – Low and Slow

I love outdoor cooking.  Give me fire and a piece of meat and I am in my happy place!  Grilling, smoking, rotisserie, campfire, you name it and I am there.  Here’s the problem – I love to grill so much that we can’t possibly eat it ourselves.  So, every Sunday afternoon we have a gathering of friends and family come and sample the goods.   Sometimes I don’t do the best and I end up overcooking things (no-one complains though…cuz who complains about free food?).  Every once in a while I find that perfect combination of heat, spice, and technique that makes the taste buds sing and makes me want to continue to try new things.

I normally do anything low and slow in my smoker.  Nothing like a pork butt, brisket, or ribs after a long slow day of taking on all that flavor.  Today however, I decided to try a new technique for low and slow on my grill – the snake method.  Giving credit where it’s due I found this on YouTube thanks to AussieGriller .

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Showing and colorful tabs

There’s a showing on the house tomorrow.  Hopefully, first time’s a charm!

What color will our monthly tab be? I’m picking blue. Poppy’s picking purple.

. . .  ahhh yellow – we were both wrong. hmm well, maybe Poppy gets extra points for picking the color directly opposite on the ol’ color wheel.